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I’ve spent a lot of effort in creating this site. I believe it’s the ideal platform for introducing myself, my insights and the things that I enjoy.


All this is far cry from my career as a GP but now my life is full of writing, speaking, tennis, friends.

My first novel was published after a long and tortuous route in 2014 by Guy Boulianne, president of Editions Dedicaces, a French Canadian publishers. Thanks to him the rest of the Teviotdale series was also published along with Best Served Cold.

Now, I have a new contract with Olympia publishers, as I've moved away from the medical theme, having stumbled upon the scandalous secrets that abound in tennis clubs! GAME SET and MATCH is out now!

I’m proud of the growing community of users who visit my site regularly. I hope you’ll join them and find my content interesting and engaging. I’d love to hear your feedback or thoughts - please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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