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8th  September ·

The medical centre apologises for not being on line for a while but a particularly tricky outbreak of food poisoning has occupied the doctors for some time.

However the medical centre is more than delighted to announce that the next book in the series is about to be published. Too Close For Comfort is on its way.

We were lucky enough to have the author visit the medical centre the other day and even luckier that one of our patients, a Mr Wottle, was waiting to see Dr Britton and had his camera with him to capture the moment. Sadly, Mr Wottle's attention was diverted at the last minute and he forgot to switch his camera on so we are posting another photo instead......

Keep an eye on this page for more details as they arrive, hot off the press

11th  September ·

A recent incident involving a greedy dog and a rabbit (see Hector and Rufus, reminds the medical centre of an incident some time ago when a patient came rushing in, panicking and demanding to be seen. Dr Bonnington agreed to see the patient, who explained that they were bleeding heavily from their bottom.

Thinking that the patient looked remarkably well for someone with such a problem, Dr Bonnington took a full history and then performed an examination, including the obligatory rectal examination (sorry readers, if you are eating). She found nothing other than rather curious dark purple faeces.

Closer enquiry revealed the cause of the problem and the moral of this story is do not eat three pounds (ie 1.5kg) of beetroot in one sitting, or else you are in for a very nasty surprise when you go to the toilet.

15th  September ·

Dear Doc Britton,

Due to see you this afternoon and it's been a while since I dropped you my customary pre-consultation note and thus fire a few warning shots across the bow, as it were. To make your life easier (and mine), I've booked the first slot in your surgery, so that I don't have to wait alongside people who might be sniffing and coughing as I've not had my flu jab yet and don't want to take any chances.

So sorry about the chutney, it was an easy mistake to make as I'd not swapped my driving glasses for my reading ones and there was this bag of daffodil bulbs next to the vegetable rack.

Any old way, now the cause has been found of the outbreak, things seem to be back to normal now and the public toilets have reopened, as has Delicious, the delicatessen, and Mumbo Jumbo the sweet shop.

What I need to talk to you about is my waterworks. Yes, I know we've talked about them quite a lot already, but I've a few more questions for you and need some advice for when I take Mrs Wottle away for a night to celebrate our anniversary. I'm taking her to the King's Head, in the market square. Nowadays, she says she doesn't like to be a passenger in the car with me driving for anything other than short distances. I don't know what she's talking about. You got that scratch out of the side of your car for a very reasonable price and I was hurrying so as not to be late for my appointment and it was obvious why it happened when Mrs Wottle pointed out that I'd got my wrong glasses on AGAIN!

She told me that I'd made a right spectacle of myself. How we laughed.

See you soon doc,

Yours patiently

W Wottle Esq

Ps, could we also just chat about my hair, my toenails, that itchy, red patch is back, my left middle finger hurts and I feel really odd just before lunchtime.....

PPS here's some harvest photos for you.

24th  September ·

Memo from Elliott Douglas, practice manager.

Please display the following in the reception area.

Many thanks indeed to all the new 'likes' (who are now obviously patients at the practice) that we have received over the last couple of weeks. We hope very much that you will have a very positive experience with the medical centre.

News hot off the press...

Sales of Too Close For Comfort are going well and the last two novels in the Teviotdale series will be with the publisher soon. One of these focuses on Dr Ed Diamond and the other on Dr John Britton. Exciting times ahead.

A book signing has been arranged with Waterstones, Harrogate for 12th November 2016 at lunchtime. More details to follow very soon. This branch of Waterstones has now had a makeover and includes a cafe, so why not come along, buy some books and have a read with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

Mr W Wottle, a well known figure in Lambdale has sent us some more of his photos, so we are pleased to post some here for you. Thank you Mr Wottle, but maybe 573 photos is a little excessive, 2 or 3 would be an improvement. For those new to the page, we have an aerial view of Lambdale, taken by Mr Wottle's friend Mr Wasnian and two photos of nearby scenery. What a lovely place we are lucky enough to live in.