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March 12th

Welcome to the page all about my novels -four books based around the same fictional medical centre in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Published by Editions Dedicaces, Out of Practice was in the summer of 2014 followed by Faith, Hope and Clarity, which became available last month.

By following this page you will be able to meet some of the characters, the doctors, the staff and the patients and hopefully you will want to read more about them. My novels are available on Amazon, Biblio, Lulu, Barnes and Noble to name but a few sites -both e-books and in print.

Keep an eye on my website to find out more about the author and up to date news as well

March 13th

Out of Practice was published last Summer. Probably most of us would like a GP like Dr Clare Jennings. She's clever, conscientious, puts her patients first and works overly long hours. It's a good job she has a long-suffering husband, David and supportive partners at work, such as Ellie, John and Ed.

But life is never as straightforward as it seems, is it?

One of Clare's extra roles at work is teaching young doctors who are training to be GPs. Is she taking on more than she can handle when the charismatic Dr Sam Curtis arrives to start work with her?

Why does Prudence Kerfoot, one of the patients, depend so heavily on Clare -will she ever stop phoning the practice demanding attention?

How long will David be content taking second place in Clare's life? Can he persuade Clare to try for a baby?

How will Clare cope when work and home implode simultaneously? She can look after her patients brilliantly, but can she look after herself?

For the answers to these questions and the whole story - well, you'll have to read the book!

March 14th

Faith Hope and Clarity was published at the end of last month.

The Teviotdale Medical centre welcomes a new locum, Dr Faith Faber who is keen to put down some roots and really get to know her patients. Superficially, Faith is an accomplished doctor but beneath her professional persona, she is in fact a shy, insecure woman, still living at home with her overbearing mother and in a relationship with the gregarious Jonty.

How many can identify with Faith, who turns to food at times of worry or stress? She has done this for as long as she can remember and ironically one of her first patients, Pollyanna, is obsessed with food as she is grossly overweight and longing to be thin.

Just how much do appearances matter? Does being slim solve all life's problems?

Sometimes you have to go backwards before you can move on and find out who your real friends are.

Read the book and find out all about Faith, catch up with some of the characters from Out of Practice and meet more new ones, two and four legged.

Out now! Available on Amazon in print and e-book.

March 15th

Extract from the Yorkshire Dales Gazette:

Lambdale is possibly one of the most attractive market towns in the southern aspect of the Yorkshire Dales. Nestling by the river, surrounded by green and rolling hills, the market square typifies the traditional image, surrounded on all four sides by quaint houses, interesting shops and places to eat.

Be sure to visit Delicious, the delicatessen that sells the most mouthwatering cakes and pastries. Not for the faint hearted as the portions are generous!

At Mumbo Jumbo, browse through examples of arts and crafts, all from local artists.

Step back in time and rediscover those sweets and treats from your youth at Goody Gumdrops!

And when you're thirsty, where better than a pint or two of local ale at The Queen's Head?

For a very special occasion, the ambience at the Swindlehurst Castle Hotel, just two miles outside Lambdale is exquisite and the restaurant boasts an extraordinary standard of cooking.......

Sounds like a really lovely place doesn't it?

March 16th

Notice to patients:-

The doctors are doing their utmost to accommodate all patient requests for appointments but due to the recent outbreak of Norovirus (diarrhoea and vomiting) at the local hotel where fifty six residents on a coach tour had to be seen in addition to the normal day's work, they are all very much under pressure.

Dr John Britton (senior partner) thanks everyone for their understanding and patience and would like to offer his reassurance that he, Dr Bonnington, Dr Diamond, Dr Jennings and Dr Faber will be working every day this week to help out.

Please remember that it would help the doctors very much if you ask for extra time when you have more than one problem to discuss.

Please be sure to use the disinfectant gel situated on the wall by the front entrance on entering and leaving the building.

Thank you.

March 17th

Extract from the practice information leaflet...

The practice is a long established training practice with an excellent record of producing accomplished general practitioners. This means that most of the time we have younger doctors, who are fully qualified, working with us as they train to specialise in general practice.

Occasionally we will have medical students from Leeds or Newcastle spending time with us.

Currently Dr Clare Jennings and Dr Ed Diamond are the nominated trainers, though all the partners and other staff members help out at times.

Please be patient with all the doctors but particularly with those who are learning as they are the doctors in whose hands you will be in the future.

In Out of Practice, Dr Sam Curtis is working with Dr Jennings.

In Faith, Hope and Clarity, Dr Rob Craven is working with Dr Diamond.

If you have any problems with the above, in the first instance please contact Dr John Britton, senior partner.

March 18th

For all your pharmacy needs come to Gough's pharmacy.

Conveniently situated in the market square and the shortest of walks from the surgery, Alan Gough runs this popular pharmacy which not only dispenses prescriptions but boasts a veritable cornucopia of useful items to purchase, from loofahs to sponge bags, sugar free lollipops to corn pads, nit combs to bath salts.

The practice has started prescribing electronically for patient convenience and your repeat prescription will be ready to collect only 48 hours after you have ordered it.

Alan and his loyal staff are more than happy to advise on minor ailments (this could save you a trip to the doctor), give smoking cessation advice and check your blood pressure and blood sugar.

We supply a comprehensive series of information leaflets (please ask at the counter if you don't see the one you want) and of course don't forget our remarkable home-made linctus, Gough's coughstop for troublesome coughs, be they productive, dry or tickly.

Pop in today and see how many ways we can help you and your health!

March 19th

Memo to Elliott Douglas, practice manager from the cleaners:-

We found this piece of paper in the waiting area outside Dr Bonnington's room and wondered if it was important.

"Things I must discuss with the doctor today-



Tired but can't sleep

Strange taste in mouth


Pain in shoulder

Disabled parking badge

Blocked ear

Swollen feet


Moles on back

Can't breathe at times




Fondant fancies....."

March 21st

Notice to patients

Please ask for sample bottles as necessary. These are available from the practice nurses or at the reception desk.

It is not appropriate to bring your samples in empty coffee jars, herb or spice jars, vacuum flasks, tuppaware containers or whisky bottles. There may be remnants that may contaminate your sample and make it difficult to analyse.

If you have any queries, please ask the practice nurses, who will be happy to help.

March 22nd

Extract from the Teviotdale Telegraph -the practice newsletter.....

In response to many of you who kindly left notes in the suggestion box at reception, here is the recipe for the oatcakes Dr Bonnington made and sold at the recent fundraising day in aid of the much needed MRI scanner at the local hospital. It is a recipe of her husband's in fact, handed down through his Scottish family over the years, but none the less delicious (and healthy-ish) for that. Equally good with cheese, jam, marmalade or enjoy just on their own.

200g coarse oatmeal

200g medium oatmeal

200g self raising flour

1 tsp salt

2 tsps sugar

175 mls boiling water

125g mixed lard(eg Trex) and margarine

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Do not use a bowl that you have previously used to collect a urine sample in. Add the fat dissolved in the water. Mix to a dough, roll out and cut into shapes of your choice. Bake for 30 mins at 200degC.

Keep in an airtight tin.

March 23rd

Notice to patients

Please remember that all waiting areas have CCTV and are monitored at all times. The practice will not tolerate any aggression or violence of any kind, at any time. Also any curious personal habits are best kept private so as to avoid the distressing situation that we had last week.

Signed - Drs J Britton, E Bonnington, C Jennings, E Diamond, F Faber

March 24th

Letter to patient

Dear Mr ********

It has been brought to my attention that you have made thirteen appointments in the last four weeks, requesting to see a female doctor on each occasion. You have presented with a personal problem that has necessitated an intimate examination on each occasion but no apparent cause has been found.

Might I tactfully suggest that when you next feel you need to be seen, you make an appointment to see either myself or Dr Diamond. The receptionists have been advised to decline your requests to see a female practitioner.

If this letter raises any issues that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

J Britton

Senior partner

March 25th

Notice to be displayed in all parts of the waiting area and reception, also a copy on the front entrance please......signed Elliot Douglas, practice manager

There is an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease at Lambdale Primary school. Please be assured that this is NOT the same as foot and mouth disease, an illness that affects animals.

There is no need to panic. Leaflets are available from reception or the practice nurses explaining about hand, foot and mouth. Women of childbearing age and those who are pregnant are advised to have a chat with one of the doctors. There is a doctor available to take telephone calls when the surgery is open (0800-1830 Monday to Friday, apart from Wednesday when we are open 0800 -2000)

March 26th

Easter delights available at Delicious, the only delicatessen and cafe in Lambdale. As well as our usual menu, we have added some chocolate specials for the holiday season.

For the adults - wicked chocolate tart served with caramel ice cream, mocha gateau with rich chocolate ganache, orange and chocolate hot cross buns (other varieties include traditional, cherry, pear and stilton, vanilla ice-cream served with hot, bitter chocolate sauce. All ice-creams are made in house.

For the children - home-made chocolate bunnies, lambs, chicks and donkeys. Mini hot cross buns and simnel bites.

From Good Friday until closing time on Easter Monday (please not we are open all weekend) there will be Easter egg hunts, egg painting competitions, face painting and outside, weather permitting, there will be donkeys and young lambs to stroke.

Please wash your hands after handling the animals.

No need to book! Just come along and join in the fun! Free Easter egg for everyone under fifteen. Eat in, eat out or take home.

Find us in the market square, fifty yards from the Teviotdale Medical centre.

We look forward to seeing you! Happy Easter!

March 27th

Short extract from Faith, Hope and Clarity......

It was turning into something of an impasse. Faith was sitting studying the surly teenager opposite her. Barely dressed in the shortest of mini skirts, a skimpy, grubby top which made no attempt to conceal the orange bra beneath, Alison Sloper slunk lower in her chair wishing she was somewhere else, anywhere except the doctor’s surgery. Unbeknown to her, the doctor was having very similar feelings too.

Summoning up a smile and what she hoped was a friendly and engaging tone, Faith tried a different angle.

‘So, you need the morning-after pill?’

‘Yeah, I said, didn’t I?’

Faith nodded. ‘That’s fine but we do need to talk a little more first. When did you last sleep with your boyfriend?’

‘I haven’t got a boyfriend.’

‘Then, why…?’

‘It was just some fit bloke I met at my mate’s party the night before last. I don’t even know what his name was.’

‘Oh.’ Faith was taken aback but tried to be understanding. She made a mental note to make an attempt to raise the thorny issue of sexually transmitted disease. ‘Did you use any form of contraception? I mean, did he use a condom?’


There was a longish pause. Faith could sense that some further comment was on the tip of Alison’s tongue and resisted the urge to speak first.

‘I wasn’t going to come, but my mate, Cheryl, told me I should.’

‘She’s absolutely right,’ agreed Faith. ‘Why on earth did you think that there was no need to come?’

‘Well, they say you can’t get pregnant the first time, don’t they?’ Alison retorted with the wisdom of one who knows.

Incredulous, Faith glanced at the medical record in front of her. ‘But, Alison, you’ve been in here for the morning-after pill five times already this year. How could this possibly have been the first time?’

Pouting, Alison permitted the briefest of eye contact. ‘Well, it was the first time for quite a long time,’ she shrugged.

March 28th

Extract from Out of Practice

Beginning to feel annoyed, she walked to the end of the terrace and round to the tiny path which led up to all the back yards. She had no problem identifying which one was Prudence’s house as it was overgrown and a mess.

A used cat litter tray festered by the back door. Weeds grew out of the cracks in the concrete, aetiolated and eccentric. Several old bin bags, stuffed to beyond their limits had burst, belching out old cans, slices of mouldy bread and plastic trays that still bore traces of the meals they had once kept warm. An enormous pair of dully grey pants hung menacingly on the washing line next to some elastic stockings that were intertwined as if in an erotic dance and a tea towel full of holes.

Clare ducked under the washing and fought her way to the back door. Peeping through the filthy window she could just make out the silhouette of Prudence’s head as she sat in her chair, the television flickering away in front of her.

March 29th

Patients are cordially reminded that Easter weekend is fast approaching. This means that the surgery will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. We appreciate that this can cause inconvenience.

Please remember to plan ahead and order your repeat prescriptions well in advance.

Appointments will be at a premium so may we take this opportunity to remind patients how important it is to let us know if you cannot attend.

Last month 51 patients failed to attend their appointments. This equates to 8 hours and 30 minutes of doctors' time which could have been used to see others. Please help us improve these figures.

Please also remember to make an appointment for each member of the family that you wish to be seen. Making one appointment and then expecting several members of the family during that time is not fair on the doctors.

We wish all our patients a happy holiday weekend.

Signed...the doctors

March 30th

Dr Eleanor Bonnington and Dr Clare Jennings are running the well woman clinic. Appointments are available now for women of all ages to discuss matters including contraception, cervical smears, screening mammography and hormone replacement therapy. They are also happy to advise those hoping to become pregnant.

Please remember that it is important to attend for routine cervical smears. Currently our attendance rate could be improved. This is not a painful test to have done and the doctor are both very sensitive and skilled and happy to discuss any fears or concerns patients may have.

It is hoped in the future that we will also offer a well man clinic to assess risk of stroke and heart attack, discuss prostate problems and erectile dysfunction. This clinic will be run, if there is enough interest from patients by Dr John Britton and Dr Edward Diamond.

Please make appointments or direct queries to reception in the first instance.

March 31st

Snow and high winds forecast for the Easter Weekend.

But never mind -come to Lambdale and savour the delights. For the hardy, maps of local walks (for all abilities, 3 - 15 miles) are available from the the information centre, located in the market square.

For those with children, why not visit Delicious for face painting and the chance to stroke a new born lamb (see earlier posting for their other treats).

Local artist and potter, Ptolemy Watson, is exhibiting in Mumbo Jumbo. He is fast gaining a reputation for the unique way in which he captures the Yorkshire Dales in his paintings and his pottery has featured in a well known London showroom.

The Dog and Bull, with its inspirational riverside setting has a new Easter menu, including a seafood extravaganza and their infamous quadruple cooked chips, but please book in advance as demand is predicted to heavy.

Weather permitting, the pony club will hold their first gymkhana of the year on the site of the Lambdale agricultural show but if inclement then a modified show will be held at the riding school in the indoor school.

Lastly but by no means of least importance, Goody Gumdrops have six new flavours of home-made ice-cream to tempt you with - peardrop, aniseed, pink grapefruit, devil's delight (more chocolate than you can imagine), toffee popcorn and cappuccino.

There are plenty of places to stay, from hotels to B&B, see appropriate leaflet for further info, or look online.

So don't be put off by the weather. Come and have fun!