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November 5th

The secret diary of the female peep, who has snatched the pen back from those naughty dogs......

Incontrovertible evidence that miracles can occur.....yesterday

1100h - new dog beds arrive. For internal use only and only under supervision.

1105h - beds unpacked. Dog glee immeasurable

1110h -dogs curled up in beds. Ahhh, how cute.

1110h -dogs curled up in bedrs. Ahhh, how cute.turn. Dogs giddy at being reunited with peeps.

1130h - peeps have to go out. A discussion takes place on what to do with new dog beds. Should they be removed from kitchen? A rash move is taken and the beds are left.......where.....they......are!

1500h - peeps return. Dogs giddy with excitement at being reunited with peeps. They have been alone with new beds for over THREE HOURS and the beds are still INTACT!

And they still are this morning! (though one is currently being tossed around the kitchen)

Happiness is a new dog bed.

November 10th

The secret diary of Hector and Rufus

It's been one of those weekends

We've not stopped running all day

Because Noah has been to visit

And all he wants to do is play.

We also got very excited

More than usual, and that's a fact

A cake was made, was it to celebrate

That our new beds are STILL intact?

The male peep entered into the spirit

As he had no lawns left to mow

So he sat at the kitchen table

And showed us what to do with Play Doh.

So we've played every game you can think of

Trains and farms, boats and cars.

We eaten up all the leftovers

And been shown the moon and the stars.

We've been sat on and hugged

Pushed and pulled this way and that

We rather wish we were in the wardrobe

Where we know, there is hiding, one cat.

And Noah likes to be up very early

He's the most energetic and non-stop little peep

But now we really are hoping

He might let us have a bit of a sleep (while he watches TV)

Love and licks H&R xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

November 11th

The secret diary of Ben....the advantages of being a black labrador

As many of you know, I am not very keen on loud noises, gunshot, fireworks, raised voices, champagne corks (there are so many of them popping at this house).

I had a difficult weekend and did a lot of trembling on the sofa next to the female peep who gave me lots of hugs. It was so bad that I really didn't want to go out to our luxury kennel the other night, so at bedtime, when the male peep summoned us all and Hector and Rufus jumped to attention as they do (it's all that schooling, you know), I curled up into a tiny, tiny ball behind a cushion, which curiously was still on the sofa and kept very quiet. As it was dark outside, the male peep never noticed I was missing!


So I stayed indoors all night, hiding in the kitchen and giving the female peep a big shock when she staggered in to make the first cuppa of the day.

I tried again the next night but sadly, it didn't work........sob.

Love and licks Ben xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

November 14th

The secret diary of Hector and be sung to a well known tune, one of the songs from Mr Kipling's favourite mewsicals, The Sound of Mewsic. Singalong now!

Digging up flowerbeds and playing with kittens

Swimming in rivers and chewing up mittens,

Bouncing up high on our legs made of springs

These are a few of our favourite things....

Arranging the cushions and hiding the phones

Finding where peeps have put our gravy bones

Longing for teatime whatever it brings

These are a few of our favourite things.....

Barking at postmen and ignoring sheep

Fighting over the lap of our favourite peep

Wagging our tails when the microwave pings

These are a few of our favourite things...

When the cats fight, when we're left alone

We're labs so we're never sad

We simply remember our favourite things

And then ALL the time.......we're glad!

Love and licks H&R xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS photos today- The art of relaxation, by Hector.

November 17th

The secret Diary of Hector and Rufus..................always aiming to please.

Oh what dismal days we are having at the moment. Everywhere is so wet and muddy and we have had more baths in the last few days than we care to remember. All this shampoo is doing our fur no favours.

Our favourite swalks are under water. In fact swalking is not allowed. Only walking. The peeps are afraid that, were we to go into the water, then we might hurtle towards the North sea at an alarming rate and give new meaning to the phrase white water rafting. It is a little ludicrous to have to walk with inflated rubber rings about our middles, especially when we're in the house but at least we don't look quite as ridiculous as the peeps with theirs on. And it's better to be safe than sorry.

The male peep has been gadding about in N Ireland but has returned with a very serious illness, also known as a slight cold. The female peep says a couple of days mucking out and inhaling the rich and powerful aroma of pony poo will soon clear out his sinuses and have him as right as rain. You can't help but feel sorry for the donkeys and ponies who have no sofas to sit on and tvs to watch.

Here is today's conundrum to take your mind off the bad weather.

Everyday in this house we celebrate Crufts Hour. Why? Nothing to do with Crufts Original sherry......

Some photos of sunnier times today.

Love and licks Hector and Rufus xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS Prize is one gravy bone....times are hard

November 21st

The secret diary of Hector and Rufus..........a tad worried

Goodness us, the female peep has announced that she is de-cluttering! We've lived here now for nearly 18 months (goodness, it only seems like a week) and we've never seen her transform into such a whirlwind of activity (actually it only lasted about ten minutes and then she had to have a sit down). The male peep and ourselves fear for our own safety. There is every likelihood that we'll end up in that big black bag she's carrying around and putting everything in. We're hoping very much that Mr Kipling ends up in there....we could entice him in as it would crinkle nicely. Mwa haha (evil laugh)

Last night we went to school, braving the icy winds and plunging temperatures. The love of our lives, Lola was there, though she did seem to be paying more attention to the sabre toothed tiger puppy, who was pleading extreme fatigue and lying flat on his back (though of course still showing those sabre teeth). Clearly Ms Vi Merana (in lemon leotard and pink tights) has been watching Strictly Come Prancing as she had us doing formation dancing, both off and on the lead.We did the paso dogle and foxhoundtrot before finished with the kingcharlesspanielston. We were exhausted when we got home!

This photo was taken today. We used to sit like this when we were puppies and decided that today we'd better stick together for fear of being de-cluttered.

Lots of love and licks H&R xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS I was better at school than Hector....signed Rufus

PPS Actually I was better......signed Hector

November 22nd

The secret diary of Jester Tetlow, aged 12 and a bit, weight undisclosed (it's fatty lumps not fat), calories consumed - quite a lot and I haven't had supper yet. Number of minutes spent telling those naughty boys off - 107 (and they still wouldn't listen).

I have had a very hard life

Since those boys came on the scene

No wonder I'm a shadow

of the dog I might have been.

They're always bouncing off the walls

And barking very loud

They go to school and do quite well (so I am led to believe)

Of that they're very proud

BUT .........

They're really very silly

And not nearly as clever as me

Cos while they were playing crocodiles

I go the beds - all three!

November 25th

The secret diary of Hector and Rufus.........taking it easy

Our day:-

Got up early and barked to welcome the day and wake up the peeps.

Trashed the inside of our hovel.

Got the shock of our lives when we were bundled straight into the back of the car............before our breakfast biscuits. We were horrified for a while that we might be going to see Uncle Jonathan (the vet) but no! We were off for a swalk!

Back home for biscuits, a fight and a jolly good game of crocodiles, followed by some rolypolying on the bed.

Realised that the sofa needed rearranging again! We do have our work cut out, you know.

Waved the male peep off as he disappeared down the road.

Watched in horror as it became increasingly obvious that the female peep was going out AS WELL! She put a dress on! And proper shoes!

Sulked as she left, to make her feels really guilty, curled up in tiny balls and showed her the whites of our eyes, before going to sleep while we sobbed and thus totally forgetting to do any damage.

Greeted the female peep with great joy, helped in the barn and then jumped up and down on top of her until she begged for mercy and agreed to feed us.

Almost time for another game of crocodiles, followed by some cat chasing and then helping to make the supper.

Tonight it's our new fave programme on TV - Mastiffchef -the professionals.

Love and licks H&R xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

November 29th

The secret diary of Hector and pupils

Dear Ms Vi Merana

We thought that we would write to you

As proteges of yours

And tell you how we love your school

Despite the sabre toothed puppy's roars.

Your dress sense is exceptional

You have a unique style

Who else would think of pairing red

With a shade that looks like bile?

We love to sit, go down and stand

rub noses, try some stalking

But we draw the line when you ask us to

Attempt some tight rope walking.

We look forward to the Christmas do

With champagne and coca-cola

And hope there is some mistletoe

Under which sits gorgeous Lola.

Lots of love H&R xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS today's photos are a quiz! try not to get too excited! Spot the odd one out!

The Secret Diaries of Hector and Rufus November 2015