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5th  March ·

The secret diary of Hector and star pupil, one in the naughty corner. But which is which?

Last night was, of course, school night and like good scholars we battled against the elements to get there. An air of levity welcomed us for it turned out that it was the sabre toothed tiger puppy's birthday! Already the size of a small mammoth and he is only one year old! Ms Vi Merana was in a particularly giddy mood as she partook in the celebrations, clad only in a diaphanous gown of pinks and purples, which looked out of place with her Dog Martin boots and zebra skin fascinator.

Her heady behaviour extended to her giving Rufus treats when the male peep wasn't looking, which resulted in Rufus unfaithfully refusing to return to the male peep and making a bee line for Ms VM instead!

Hector on the other hand has perfected the dodecahedral retrieve and has now moved on to the next level where both he and the female peep have to be blindfolded while they are doing it.

New dogs have arrived to join us, Miley the teeny tiny chihuahua puppy and Zeus, the Staffie. The female peep gave Zeus a gravy bone as he was sitting hext to her and Hector uttered some very unfriendly growls (think bloodcurdling and you won't be far wrong).

Oh? Do we hear you ask about Lola? She was all over us but we know for a fact that she had been rolling around in the woods with other boys earlier in the day.So, heartbroken, we must turn our attentions in other directions (......not Zeus).

When we went home, we were all given biscuits by the sabre tooth tiger puppy!

Today's photos are of Ben in the sun (to prove we do have sun here as we have been scandalously diddled out of any snow) and Tilly looking cross. Why looking cross? Well, you'd be looking cross if you'd been locked in the conservatory all night.....

Love and licks H&R xxxxxxxx

The Secret Diaries of Hector and Rufus March 2016