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In July 2014 I hung up my stethoscope and retired from general practice, having worked for many years in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, as Dr Goodman.

I’ve been lucky to have a fascinating career, working in many different parts of the country, from Orkney to Southampton and in many different areas of medicine, including surgery, obstetrics (yes, somewhere there is a baby that I delivered, called after me!), accident and emergency. But it was general practice that won my heart in the end for the unique relationships that you develop over the years with your patients and their families and the diverse range of problems and emotions they bring to share with you. Of course there’s the serious side with sadness and tragedy but there’s also humour and joy.

Where else would you get a patient bringing their cat in a shopping trolley to show you because they know you like animals?

Where else would someone ring up and say to the receptionists - ‘tell Dr Goodman there’s a donkey on the TV that needs rescuing?’

This wonderful mix of individuals forms the backdrop for my novels but it’s the doctors who take centre stage, with their professional and personal problems.

My first novel, Out of Practice was published in 2014. This is the first in a series of five books about the Teviotdale Medical Centre. Faith, Hope and Clarity was published on 2015 and in September 2016, Too Close for Comfort was published.

My novels are published by Editions Dedicaces and I am indebted to the fabulous and tireless president, Guy Boulianne who found my novels online and gave me my big chance. Who says miracles never happen? I can assure you they do.

Retirement is wonderful. I live on the cusp of the Yorkshire Dales, with my ever-patient and hugely supportive husband. Our lives are dominated by four irrepressible Labradors, two cats, nine donkeys and two Welsh Section A ponies. We like to try our hand at carriage driving in the summer. One donkey is brilliant at this, one pony coming on fast and the other pony just starting out.

I have resurrected my passion for tennis and now play several times a week.

And of next novel is a work in progress.

All about Carol the Author

All my novels are available on Amazon, Lulu, Priceminister, Biblio, Barnes and Noble, eBay and others.

Book two in the series “Faith, Hope and Clarity” was awarded a Pinnacle Book Achievement award in the US in 2015.

Too Close for Comfort is out NOW!  


Please come to my book signing on November 12th at Waterstones bookshop, Harrogate at midday. I’m giving £3 from each sale to Breast Cancer UK, so I hope you will come and support me.